Texts from the gaang as they save the world and build republic city. This blog uses all canon ships/relationships auto-matically but i will accept non-canon submissions/requests. The ages vary so keep that in mind. Also i goddamn know toph is blind ok? I get it she can't text but for the sake of humor just imagine she gets someone to type it in for her or something idk. If we start applying logic this whole thing will fall apart.


rycia asked
I love you. This is beautiful. You are a a goddess in my world now. ilu.

i was already a goddess but thank you anyway 

Hey guys, so i have some bad news, i’m afraid that i’m going to stop posting on this blog for the foreseeable future, i’m sorry.

You can read more about why on my personal blog here.

destiny-smasher asked
To anyone who might give you crap about Toph being blind: blind people can still text. Phones have voice recognition tech now. They can read texts aloud to you and take what you say and convert it into text. So a blind person could totally text with a smart phone. I write a modern college AU based on Avatar and people bothered me about that at first -- but the same also applies to computers! Technology is an amazing thing!

Well people don’t really give me crap about it they just keep saying it and im just like


i know

Anonymous asked
i'm crying because i'd really love to see what you'd do with Azula eating a banana while slapping Zuko with a fish





Just a heads up, don’t send me requests that just ask me to do something with a character or ship. Instead send me a request that has the character you want doing a thing that i can then make into funny haha joke.

For example instead of asking “can you do more Azula” ask “can you do Azula eating a banana while slapping Zuko with a fish”.